Our school have a supportive climate for growth and learning. We aim to educate students through positive cultures, such as:

1. Engaging Academic Learning

Lessons delivered in classes are hands-on, child-centered, and active which encourage students to feel excited about going to school.
Learning occurs in small groups or for the whole class. The class size and the student-to-teacher ratio allows students to receive more individualized attention.

As the role of technology in learning continues to grow, our school invest in a way to make learning engaging. Computers and LCD projectors technology are used to support academic growth that is relevant and meaningful to all students.

2. Social-Emotional Learning and Inclusivity

Students are made to feel more comfortable in our classroom. We actively focus on the importance of cultivating social and emotional skills which include everyone, regardless of learning differences. Through interactive activities, children learn to be responsible and empathetic.

Children directly learn social and emotional skills, such as self-control, empathy, and assertive behavior. This is done through role-playing, songs, and follow-up activities.

3. Positive Discipline

Positive discipline’s cornerstone is kind, trusting, and respectful relationships among students and teachers. Consequences for misdemeanors are relevant and fitting, and the focus is on children’s strengths. Students work together to support each other and celebrate when they do well. In this way, the focus goes toward promoting healthy habits as opposed to preventing problems, and children are given productive opportunities to grow.

Closing Note

In our school community, everyone is supported. Communication is respectful, and relationships are genuine among parents, children, teachers, and staff. Rules and values are decided by the strengths and needs of each community. Everyone’s culture is respected, and differences are celebrated. Within this kind of school community, we believe that everyone can thrive.