At these levels, students of Cibubur Indonesia School are introduced to the ‘love of learning’ through engaging and fun activities.
Students are always challenged to produced their best work in all areas of studies. Learning experiences are enriched with hands-on activities which enhance students’ thinking skills, motivation, and deepen their understanding in the concepts learnt.

Each level of our Primary Classes will experience constructive excursions, visiting places around Indonesia. Through this 2 – 3 days Camping Trip students learn to be independent, to become a good team player and at the same time nurture their leadership skills. These events are always being looking foward by all students in our school.

At the end of Primary Level (at Grade 6), students are prepared to sit the USBN (Ujian Sekolah Berbasis Nasional) and at the same time sit the Young Learner English Examination set up by Cambridge International Examination.